Thanks to the right mix of experts, we can offer versatile services in various countries, industries and companies. Our technology experts do more than just develop new knowledge: they also optimise existing technologies. Our Engineers and Draughtsmen translate this knowledge into tangible products. Our project managers ensure we deliver our projects at the expected quality standards, on time and within budget.

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Filtration system viewed from the side


We design, build and commission a large variety of filtration technologies for our clients. From media filtration to the standard membrane applications (UF/NF/RO) to the more advanced membrane applications for chemical recovery or colour removal.

wastewater treatment and re-use system


We excel in the design of advanced biological treatment systems. We have expert knowledge in the application of anaerobic technologies, but our strength lies in the design of the overall treatment solution for our clients, from the pretreatment to the final polishment step or re-use of effluent.


We have a long track record in the design and construction of biogas plants. Our specialty lies in the anaerobic digestion of combined waste streams, manure and municipal sludge streams. Our extended knowledge of all auxiliary requirements for biogas plants, such as dewatering, biogas desulphurisation, centrate treatment amongst others, makes us the preferred partner for many developers as key technology and EPC construction partner.

round Filtration system


We have a selection of technologies available for the recovery of nutrients, especially Nitrogen and Phosphorous. Removal of these nutrients and converting them into a valuable fertiliser product enhances your business case and contributes towards a circular economy.

nutrient recover and removal warehouse

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