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Water Treatment

Water treatment chemicals are vital for the preservation of the efficiency and durability of diverse water-dependent systems, encompassing cooling towers, cooling systems, steam boilers, hot water boilers, and facilities employing flocculant settling dams. Aquatech’s customized solutions are crafted to suit the unique requirements of each system, proficiently addressing issues such as scale formation, corrosion, microbial growth, and water quality improvement.


In cooling towers and systems, these chemicals are indispensable for microbial control, corrosion prevention, and the enhancement of water quality. The implementation of these chemicals results in decreased maintenance, energy savings, and overall cost-effectiveness, thereby promoting sustainable operations.

For steam boilers and hot water boilers, water treatment chemicals assume a central role in preventing scale accumulation, corrosion, and elevating water quality standards. These chemicals are essential for ensuring safe and efficient operation, while concurrently conserving energy and resources.


Aquatech’s range of flocculants allow the use of settling dams to improve water quality and can prevent blockages and increase performance of other chemicals like biocides.


Just as in many industrial processes, specialized knowledge is essential in comprehending the unique variables of each system. This includes the choice of appropriate water treatment chemicals, their accurate application, and a comprehensive understanding of the specific demands of the system at hand. Aquatech's speciality designed chemistry and application methods make them a critical partner in optimizing the use of water treatment chemicals across a wide range of industrial applications.

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