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Personal Hygiene

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Personal hygiene is beneficial to everyone’s health. The workplace environment needs to be hygienic and safe for all employees and visitors – even those not involved in production or material / product handling processes.

person pouring sanitiser into hand

NutroChem assist clients by adding value to personal hygiene in the workplace by providing the necessary protocol for effective hygiene. NutroChem provides training on Personal Hygiene with guidance on the correct use of products.  Personal Hygiene is extremely important in the prevention of illness and the spreading of bacteria and viruses.

A basic regular hand washing routine is an effective way of keeping germs from spreading and limits the risk of affecting other people.

NutroChem provides a “6-Steps of Hand Hygiene Principles”:

  • Wet your hands

  • Apply liquid soap

  • Lather and Scrub for 20 sec, by washing between your fingers, under your nails and on top of your hands.

  • Rinse for 10 sec under running water

  • Dry your hands

  • Apply alcohol-based hand sanitiser