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NutroChem's attendance at the Agri Tsitsikamma-Oos mini expo

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

On the 22nd of October 2019, NutroChem had the privilege of attending the Agri Tsitsikamma-Oos Mini expo hosted between Humansdorp and Oesterbaai.

NutroChem was represented by its Eastern Cape agent, Agri-Vet.

Nutrochem employees showcasing products at expo

Agri-Vet, as a sponsor, was invited to take part in the exhibition, Marius Nelson and his team performed excellently in the execution of their task, by presenting top quality products with well-researched knowledge and information in the application thereof. Agri-Vet had their full range of products on exhibition, including their Custom Pre000mixes, Alltech products and NutroChem products for the Food and Beverage and Diary Industries. The NutroChem product focus was on the various disinfectants and pre- and post teat dip products.

Agri-Vet is well known in the Eastern Cape for its Custom Premix mineral packs and milk replacements. Since 2019 Agri-Vet has extended its product range and is now also agents of the various NutroChem chemical ranges.

NutroChem products are of world-class quality and have all been internationally and independently assessed to comply with SANS 1828, EN1276 and EN1656 standards. All chemical products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards in NutroChem’s up-market facility. All our products conform to European Standards (EN) in terms of product quality, environmental and ecologically friendly products and applications. Chemicals sourced from NutroChem comply to Food Safety Industry requirements and standards.

The expo saw presentations and information sessions lead by various members of the industry. Dan Kriek, President of Agri SA had a remarkable speech on the current agricultural industry and how to positively make an impact by continuing with the current successes in the dairy industry.

The day ended off with a socializing event where suppliers and customers had the opportunity to network. Agri-Vet took the opportunity to extend their network by sharing information with current and potential customers to the advancement of the agricultural industry in their area.

NutroChem extends its gratitude to all agents, customers and the Agri Tsitsikamma-Oos management team for affording it the opportunity to be part of such a successful event.

Should you require any information on NutroChem products and applications kindly contact any of the representatives in your area, as listed on NutroChem’s website.

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