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Ultrazyme P

Enzyme boosted laundry detergent

Ultrazyme P is a powder laundry detergent with enzymes to boost the performance and a pleasant fragrance. The powerful formulation will ensure your washing is hygienically clean, stain and odour free.

Ultrazyme P has been formulated with enzymes that disintegrates blood stains, fats, gums, and starch smears on garments, found in the food and catering industries. Ultrazyme P will leave your colours brighter and your whites whiter.

Why choose Ultrazyme P

Effective in low temperature applications

Perfect for garments with difficult food-based soiling

Safe to use on colours and whites

Can be used for all washing machines

Removes stubborn stains

Leave your whites whiter

Available pack sizes

  • Bags: 25Kg 

  • Poly Buckets: 5Kg / 25Kg

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