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Ultra White

All-in-one laundry detergent for automatic washing machines

Ultra White is an all-in-one automatic washing machine detergent with boosted alkali for greater cleaning efficiency. 

Ultra White contains water conditioners, soil suspension agents, optical brighteners and optimum alkalinity builders. 

Ultra White can be used in all automatic washing machines – Institutions e.g., Hospitals and Hospitality sectors, ideal for Industrial and Domestic use. Can also be used in manual wash applications. The boosted alkali provides for greater soil removal properties.

Why choose Ultra White

  • All-in-one laundry detergent. 

  • Boosted alkali. 

  • Equally effective in hard or soft water.

  • Rinses easily.

Available pack sizes

  • Bag: 25 Kg 

  • Poly Bucket: 25 Kg

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