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Ultra Lube E

Silicone based conveyor lubricant

Ultra Lube E is a silicon-based conveyor lubricant that provides highly effective wear lubrication.

Ultra Lube E works with both hard and soft water and will help ensure an optimal coefficient of friction between applicable surfaces.

Ultra Lube E can be used with paper, plastic, and metal containers in various processing facilities in the Food and Beverage industries where bottling operations occur. As a rule of thumb, proper lubrication can extend the life of machinery by 100 times and will also reduce wear and increase the lifetimes of reusable packaging.

Why choose Ultra Lube E

  • Reduces power consumption in motors

  • The noise loading in packaging plants and the environment is reduced

  • Prolongs returnable glass bottle life

  • Leaves conveyor and conveyor chains build-up free

  • Reduces breakages and stopping time caused by jerking motions

Available pack sizes

  • Poly Cans: 25 Litre

  • Poly Drums: 200 Litre

  • IBC Bulk Bins: 1000 Litre

Registrations and Approvals

  • SANS 1828:2017 (Clause 4.1.4)

  • Toxicologically assessed for use in food industry (Intertek)

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