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Smart CIP

Verification in place detergent

Smart CIP is a unique cleaner and colour indicating verifier, non foaming, chlorinated, alkaline, liquid detergent designed for cleaning and verifying all types of internal surfaces, in brewing, beverage and processed food plants. Smart CIP does not contain any surfactants, making it is easy to rinse. It is suitable for use as a cleaner and/or verifier in any system cleaned with a traditional CIP cleaner.

Due to its unique formulation, Smart CIP cleaning solution changes colour in the presence of organics, from purple to blue/green or yellow indicating soil or organics are present. The solution remains purple when the system is clean and free of organics, purple indicating clean.

Why choose Smart CIP

  • Verification of clean. Instant and easy hygiene check.

  • Colour of product changes when surfaces are dirty.

  • Concentrate caustic blend with a fast and easy rinse.

  • Active chlorine: additional bleaching properties contribute to an effective cleaning process.

Available pack sizes

  • Poly Cans: 5 Litre/25 Litre

  • Poly Drums: 200 Litre

  • IBC Bulk Bins: 1000 Litre

Test kit available for this product

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