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Shure San

Alcohol-based disinfectant

Shure San has been developed to meet international standards for blood-borne pathogens. It is used to wash food & beverage plant operators’ hands after or between hand washing opportunities in areas where microbiological contamination is possible and is effective when used in all food processing and food service areas such as packing plants, dairy farms, restaurants, etc. where handling of food items takes place. 

Shure San is an alcohol-based disinfectant used for the intermittent disinfection of all hard surfaces in the food processing industry. 

Shure San is a formulated combination of disinfectants and moisturizers formulated to treat and clean hands without drying out the dermal layers of the skin. 

Shure San is a formulated combination of disinfectants and formulated to breakdown and prevent Bio film formation on hard surfaces. 

Shure San contains no dyes or perfumes that could contaminate food or leave residual odours while being safe when in contact with food or meat as well as the human skin. 

Shure San is recommended for use in food and meat processing plants where there is physical contact between workers hands and processed or unprocessed food. 

Shure San during directed use forms a bacteriostatic film which will kill a wide variety of microorganisms that are normally formed during any food and beverage handling process. 

Shure San performance is unaffected by organic matter and hands can be treated on a frequent basis since an emollient has been added to the product in order to prevent the skin from drying out due to the loss of natural moisturizers.

Why choose Shure San

  • Broad spectrum and fast acting biocide system

  • Stable product with extended shelf life expectancy

  • Creates a bacteriostatic film

  • Reduces cross contamination risks

  • Assists in control of blood borne pathogens that may be present during processing

  • Protects both product and personnel when used regularly

Available pack sizes

  • Poly Cans: 5 Litre / 25 Litre 

  • Poly Drums: 200 Litre 

Registrations and Approvals

  • Toxicologically assessed for use in food, industrial and institutional areas 

  • EN 1276:2019

  • NRCS/8054/293717/72

  • Woolworths Approved Terminal Disinfectant

  • Additional Microoganisms Tested: Listeria monocytogenes/Alicyclobacillus/E. coli 0157/Salmonella/Campylobacter

  • Sporicidal Activity Tested:Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris

  • Taint Test: Proven that product leaves no toxic residue or traces of taint

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