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Low foam caustic detergent powder

SH2000 is a well formulated built bottle washing alkali and CIP cleaner, designed for use in all bottle washing machines and CIP systems, found in the brewing industry, wine and spirit industries, soft drink industry and the dairy industry. 

It is formulated to enhance and promote the penetration of Caustic Soda so as to remove soils, disperse and suspend organic mineral salts and aid the removal of labels, foils and glue. The unique sequestrant system prevents the formation of hard water scale deposits and rust, while the wetting agents are selected for their minimal alkali carry over in the rinse tank. This results in clean, bright, spot free bottles with rapid “sheeting off” of the water and consequent quick drying. 

SH2000 may also be used in concentrated form as a very effective drain cleaner because of its high caustic strength and additive package.

Why choose SH2000

  • It acts as a de-foamer in the caustic hydro compartments

  • It prevents scale build up in the rinse compartments

  • It speeds up the drying process of the bottles on exit from the machine by assisting in the drainage of the water resulting in a bright, spot free bottle

  • Assists in removal of the labels in the correct compartments. It aids label removal by removing them intact rather than pulpy and broken. The labels will be removed in the first and second wash compartments and not in the rinse section, thus avoiding the label pulp blocking jets or remaining in bottles and giving rise to floaters

  • The additives in SH2000 are non- toxic

  • The additives will not affect the head, smell or taste of the beer and will not impart any taste to soft drinks or milk. They are entirely free rinsing

  • SH2000, as a bottle washing alkali, will not break down and lose its properties under temperature or be hydrolysed under caustic conditions

  • SH2000, when used as a drain cleaner the synergy between the caustic and additive package allows for rapid saponification of the fats and oils resident in drains, removal of which is key to a pathogen control protocol

Available pack sizes

  • Bags: 25 Kg 

  • Poly Buckets: 25 Kg 

Registrations and Approvals

  • SANS 1828:2017 (Clause 4.1.4)

  • Toxicologically assessed for use in food industry (Intertek)

Test kit available for this product

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