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Scale Foam

Acid foam cleaner

Scale Foam is a high-grade blend of inorganic acids that can be applied by direct foaming onto virtually all metal surfaces. 

Scale Foam has been specifically engineered as a stable chemical application that will serve as a rationalized addition to scale and metal conditioning within most Food and Beverage plants. 

Scale Foam can be used to assist in the routine passivation of stainless-steel pipe work, equipment and structures while removing most fat and grease-based soils.

Why choose Scale Foam

  • Will passivate stainless steel

  • Removes and control mineral scale

  • High foaming – Increased soil contact time

  • Free rinsing

Available pack sizes

  • Poly Cans: 25 Litre 

  • Poly Drums: 200 Litre 

  • IBC Bulk Bins: 1000 Litre

Registrations and Approvals

  • SANS 1828:2017 (Clause 4.1.4)

  • Toxicologically assessed for use in food industry (Intertek)

Test kit available for this product

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