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Blockage Buster

Powerful caustic drain cleaner

Blockage Buster is an effective drain and pipe cleaner that unblocks slow and sluggish drains by removing layers of build-up in the trap and along the entire length of the pipe. This acid-free product builds heat and agitation through chemical reactions to eliminate even the most challenging drain blockages by dissolving waste, fat and oil build-up that causes drain problems. The chemical agitation offered by Blockage Buster means that you get optimal use out of your chemicals, and that agitation happens at the clog where it is needed most.

Why choose Blockage Buster

  • Clears out drains, grease traps, septic systems, and cesspools safely

  • Fast acting – quickly breaks down blockages

  • Odourless acid-free formula

  • Cleans drains hassle-free

Available pack sizes

  • Bags: 25Kg 

  • Poly Buckets: 5Kg / 25Kg

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