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General purpose neutral solvent detergent

Attitude is a versatile food-grade water-soluble solvent-based detergent.

Attitude attacks and dissolves the molecular structure of grease, oil, dirt, polymers and fats to break down the adhesiveness of these materials, lifting them away from the affected surfaces and emulsifying them for easy rinse off to drain, leaving the affected surfaces free of any residue.

Attitude is 100% synthetic detergent and is completely non-flammable. It is safe on the skin and is non-fuming.

One of the primary benefits of Attitude is that due to its exceptional performance as a general-purpose detergent, it allows users to replace traditional harsh and caustic chemical disinfectant methods, reducing worker safety and environmental issues.

Attitude is recommended for use in virtually any industry. It is used extensively in the brewing, beverage, red meat and poultry industries as a concentrated foaming detergent with a wide application range.

Why choose Attitude

  • Effective grease cutter, high foaming and free rinsing.

  • Effective at low concentrations.

  • Cost effective and safe to use.

  • Effective in meat and food processing plants on greasy surfaces such as floors, walls, hard surfaces, equipment etc.

  • Allows economic freight options when used as a CONTEK application

Available pack sizes

  • Poly Cans: 5 Litre / 25 Litre 

  • Blow Packs: 200 Litre 

  • IBC Bulk Bins: 1000 Litre

Registrations and Approvals

  • SANS 1828:2017 (Clause 4.1.4)

  • Toxicologically assessed for use in food industry (Intertek)

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