SH Booster

Caustic CIP Additive

SH Booster is a stabilized oxidant formulation that is specifically designed to enhance the performance of SH6000, SH8000 and SH10000 under uniquely dirty conditions.

SH Booster generates active oxygen and heat in a self-accelerating process that forms an ideal oxidant condition for the removal of a wide variety of difficult sols, giving Nutrochem’s SH range of products a Boost to remove unusual soiling.

SH Booster reduces caustic strength in a CIP from as high as 5% to as low as 1.5% under the most strenuous conditions.

SH Booster enhances the removal process of:

  • Pectin, organic and fruit residue complexes in the Fruit Juice industry

  • Protein, fat and milkstone complexes in the Dairy Industry

  • Yeast, hop resin, protein and beerstone complexes in the brewing industry.

Why choose SH Booster

  • Contains low foaming agents

  • Produces oxidizers and extra heat

  • Enhances the removal of a wide variety of soils

  • Eliminated odour completely

  • Re-deposit inhibiting

  • Safe on stainless steel

  • Disinfectant properties

Available pack sizes

Poly Cans: 25 L
Blow Pack: 210 L
IBC Bulk Bins: 1000 L