Peracetic acid CIP disinfectant

Oxisan is a proven concentrated peracetic acid-based disinfectant. This product has been developed as an effective terminal disinfectant in CIP programs across the food and beverage industry. It is particularly effective as a terminal disinfectant when used at ambient temperatures. 

Oxisan produces a broad-spectrum microbial kill and is more effective than chlorine in waters that have an alkaline pH. 

Oxisan is suitable for use in a wide range of applications in pig, poultry and ostrich rearing operations, and is particularly effective as a terminal disinfectant for water systems.

Why choose Oxisan

  • Is a very powerful oxidant; the oxidation potential out-ranges that of chlorine and chlorine dioxide. 

  • Environmentally friendly disintegrates to acetic acid and water. 

  • Peracetic acid as a disinfectant oxidises the outer cell membranes of micro-organisms. 

  • The oxidation mechanism consists of electron transfer. 

  • When a stronger oxidant is used, the electrons are transferred to the micro-organism much faster, causing the micro-organism to be deactivated rapidly. 

  • Effective at low temperatures. 

  • Free rinsing. 

  • Easily monitored in solution with a simple test kit. 

  • Effective against a wide range of microorganisms.

Available pack sizes

Poly Cans: 5 Litre / 25 Litre
Poly Drums: 210 Litre
IBC Bulk Bins: 1000 Litre
Bulk: Tanker