Additive N11

Additive for use in caustic solutions

Additive N11 is a specifically formulated Additive, which will effectively aid caustic solutions to effectively clean RGB bottles while controlling soil activated foam within a bottle washer’s detergent compartments. 

Additive N11 can also be used as an additive to caustic soda for hot CIP applications under heavy soiling conditions.

Additive N11 has been most effective when dosed correctly in ensuring the removal of labels in the desired washer compartments. 

Additive N11 has been developed to be stable at all caustic concentrations and all caustic temperature ranges which allows for on-site hydration and product preparation.

Why choose Additive N11

  • It acts as a de-foamer in the caustic compartments. 

  • Speeds up the drying process of the bottles on exit from the machine by assisting in the drainage of the water, resulting in a shiny bottle. 

  • Assists in the removal of labels in the correct compartments. 

  • Does not contain any additives that are toxic. 

  • Does not contain any additives that will affect the head, smell or taste in beer, or milk or soft drinks, etc. 

  • High levels of wetting agents are effective in boosting CIP’s under high soil loads. 

  • The Additive N11 does not break down and lose its properties under temperature or hydrolyse under caustic conditions. In addition, the Additive N11 in a Bottle Washing or CIP Cleaner does not separate out, especially in a liquid product. 

  • The additive inhibits corrosion in the CIP System being cleaned or in a Bottle Washer. 

  • The additive aids the Caustic to penetrate the fat and aids Protein removal.

Available pack sizes

Poly Cans: 25 Litre
Poly Drums: 210 Litre