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Bucket Filler

ProMax Bucket Fillers feature the latest proportioning technology, reducing flow restriction and
maximizing performance even in lower water pressure situations. It is the latest, most intuitive and
cost-effective dispensing system available today.

By combining the revolutionary technology of patented hydrodynamics and user friendly image
enhancing features unique to ProMax Bucket Fillers, NutroChem has produced the perfect
solution for all institutional and light industrial chemical dilution applications.


  • Robust design for increased reliability

  • 4 product selector valve uses a mechanical seal, and elastomer free technology for full chemical compatibility

  • Auto-activating venturi requires no downstream restriction to create backpressure

  • Backflow prevention offers effective protection while minimising flow restriction

  • Low maintenance, thanks to smart design

  • Auto-locking connection

  • Auto-activating venturi

  • Optional cartridge filter for poor water conditions to reduce water-related service calls

  • Customisable panels project your company image

  • No external stick-on labels to peel or run from wear or unsightly chemical and water damage

Models available

  • 1 product (flow rate 16 L/min)

  • 4 product (flow rate 16 L/min)

Bucket Filler
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