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Industrial Flocculant for Particle Removal

Aquatech FL132 is an industrial flocculant that is a specialised chemical formulation developed to address the challenges of suspended particle removal in water. 

Suspended particles can include various materials such as solids, colloids, and organic matter, and they can have detrimental effects on water quality and its multiple applications.

Why choose AquaTech FL132 

  • Enhanced Water Quality: The primary reason for choosing this industrial flocculant is its ability to significantly improve water quality by removing suspended particles. Suspended particles can have numerous adverse effects, including reducing the efficacy of disinfectants and pesticides, clogging downstream processes such as filters and nozzles, carrying disease-causing microbes, and limiting the usability of water for various purposes. Aquatech's flocculant addresses all these issues by promoting the aggregation of suspended particles into larger flocs that can settle out or be more easily filtered, resulting in cleaner and safer water.

  • Improved Disinfection and Pesticide Efficacy: By reducing the presence of suspended particles, this flocculant enhances the effectiveness of disinfection and pesticide treatments in water. When water is clear of interfering particles,   disinfectants and pesticides can work more efficiently, ensuring the water is safe for various applications, including water treatment, agricultural irrigation, and industrial processes.

  • Process Optimisation: In many industrial processes, maintaining water clarity and quality is essential for smooth operation. An industrial flocculant can prevent particle-related disruptions and downtime caused by clogged filters and equipment. This contributes to process optimisation, increased productivity,   and reduced operational costs.

  • Microbial Control: Suspended particles in water can carry disease-causing microbes, posing a significant health risk. The flocculant's ability to remove these particles helps control microbial contamination, making the water safer for consumption and various industrial uses.

  • Environmental Benefits: Effective particle removal through flocculation can have ecological benefits. Cleaner water can reduce the environmental impact of water discharge and downstream processes. Additionally, it can promote the responsible use of water resources, aligning with sustainability goals.

  • Versatile Application: Industrial flocculants can find applications in various industries and water treatment scenarios, from municipal water treatment plants to agricultural and industrial processes. Their versatility makes them valuable tools for addressing particle-related water quality challenges.

Pack Sizes

  • Poly   Cans: 25 Litre

  • Poly Drums: 200 Litre

  • IBC Bulk Bins: 1000 Litre

AquaTech® FL132
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