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Cooling System Corrosion Treatment

This product is a comprehensive solution designed to prevent corrosion within closed-loop cooling systems. Closed-loop cooling systems are commonly used in various applications, including HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, industrial processes, and data centres. Proper corrosion control is essential to protect equipment and ensure the system's longevity.

Why choose AquaTech CT325 

  • Preventing Equipment Damage: The primary reason for choosing this anti-corrosion system is to prevent corrosion within closed-loop cooling systems. Untreated or inadequately treated systems can develop corrosion that damages components such as pipes, heat exchangers,   and pumps. Repairing or replacing this equipment can be substantial, making prevention a cost-effective choice.

  • Oxygen Scavenging: A key feature of Aquatech CT 325 is its ability to scavenge oxygen from the closed-loop system. Oxygen is a primary contributor to corrosion, particularly in the presence of metals. By removing oxygen, this product helps reduce the corrosion risk and extend the lifespan of equipment.

  • Protection for Soft Metals: Closed-loop cooling systems may contain soft metals like copper and aluminium. These metals are vulnerable to corrosion, especially in the presence of oxygen and other corrosive agents. Aquatech CT 325 provides additional protection for these soft metals, ensuring their longevity and reducing the need for costly replacements.

  • Minimised Downtime and Maintenance: By preventing corrosion, this anti-corrosion system minimises the downtime and maintenance required for closed-loop cooling systems.   Reduced downtime leads to increased operational continuity, which is especially crucial for data centres and industrial processes.

  • Energy Efficiency: Corroded equipment tends to be less energy-efficient. By preventing corrosion, this system helps maintain the efficiency of heat exchange processes within the closed-loop cooling system, potentially leading to energy savings and reduced operational costs.

  • Environmental Impact: Efficient closed-loop cooling systems contribute to lower energy consumption, which aligns with environmental sustainability goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy production.

Pack Sizes

  • Poly Cans: 25 Litre

  • Poly Drums: 200 Litre

  • IBC Bulk Bins: 1000 Litre

Test kit available for this product

AquaTech® CT325
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