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Inhibited Descaler

This product is a specialized chemical formulation created for the purpose of descaling cooling towers. Descaling is the process of removing   scale deposits that can accumulate on the surfaces of cooling tower components. Scale is often composed of minerals, including calcium carbonate, and can impede heat transfer and reduce the efficiency of the cooling tower.

Why choose AquaTech CT201

  • Prevention of Scale Build-Up: The primary reason for choosing this inhibited descaler is to prevent or remove scale build-up in cooling towers. Over time, untreated or under-treated cooling towers can accumulate scale deposits due to the minerals present in the circulating water. This scale can reduce the cooling tower's heat transfer efficiency and overall performance.

  • Optimal Cooling Tower Performance: Descaling cooling towers with a product like Aquatech CT 201 is an effective way to restore them to optimal performance. The cooling tower can dissipate heat more efficiently by removing scale deposits, which is crucial for maintaining the desired cooling effect, especially in industrial and commercial applications.

  • Minimised Negative Effects on Components: This product is formulated to minimise negative effects on cooling tower parts, including those made of copper. Copper is commonly used in cooling systems, and some descaling agents can be harsh and corrosive. The fact that this descaler is designed to be mild on materials helps protect the integrity and longevity of cooling tower components.

  • Prevention of Corrosion: In addition to removing scale, inhibiting descalers typically include corrosion inhibitors. These inhibitors help protect metal surfaces from corrosion that can result from the descaling process. Preventing corrosion is essential for the overall health and longevity of cooling tower components.

  • Energy Efficiency: Removing scale deposits from cooling tower surfaces allows for better heat exchange, which improves the energy efficiency of the cooling system. Enhanced energy efficiency can lead to cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

  • Maintenance and Cost Savings: Regular descaling of cooling towers can extend their lifespan, reduce maintenance costs, and minimise downtime for cleaning and repairs

Pack Sizes

  • Bags : 25kg 

  • Poly Buckets : 25kg

Use pH control to verify

AquaTech® CT201
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