Stainless Steel Air Fogger

Handheld fogging applicator allows for controlled manual application to critical surfaces.

Fine spray application allows for product movement into areas not commonly treated by traditional application methods.


  • Corrosion-resistant engineered stainless steel body

  • Draws from the pre-mixed solution – 25L capacity

  • Powered from existing plant compressed airline – very low noise

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, on wheels easy to move around

  • Handheld applicator with 5m discharge hose

  • High quality in droplet size 7.6 to 11.2 micron

  • Range up to 6m

  • Cover 100m³ in less than a minute

  • Adjustable 1m high, 90˚ angle extension bracket in case the unit must be left unattended in confined spaces


  • The disinfectant should be kept at normal temperature and should not exceed 40˚C

  • The use of flammable liquid is prohibited

  • Not to be used with highly viscous liquids

  • Not to be used with powder or fluids with suspended solids