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Moisture absorbing powder disinfectant

Moistasorb is a powder disinfectant with high moisture-absorbing properties. Easily dispersible, it can be applied by hand or mechanically, directly, as a dip, or spread in enclosures, as a disinfectant and a moisture absorber. 

Moistasorb is available in convenient buckets that can be used for dry footbaths, or it can be added to containers for footbaths in Biocontrol programs.

Why choose Moistasorb

  • Disinfects – enhances biosecurity program.

  • Reduces humidity and helps secure good air quality.

  • Binds to reduce ammonia emissions and odours.

  • Does not irritate.

  • Improves performance and economic results.

  • Can improve bedding material usage.

Available pack sizes

  • Poly Bag: 15Kg

  • Rectangular Bucket: 8Kg

Registrations and Approvals

  • EN 1276:2019

  • NRCS/8054/293717/1331

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