Ultra Chlor HF

Chlorinated powdered detergent

Ultra Chlor HF is a powdered chlorinated alkaline detergent that displays enhanced sanitising properties due to its high chlorine content where foaming systems are not readily available or practical. 

Ultra Chlor HF can be used for the removing of blood, grease and fat soils from all equipment surfaces and floors in large industrial dairies, small farm establishments, brewing, and soft drink plants, abattoirs and food processing plants. 

Ultra Chlor HF has good degreasing qualities and can be successfully used through high-pressure spray washers for floors, walls and equipment. 

Ultra Chlor HF is a formulated combination of non-caustic alkalis, sequestrants, surfactants, foaming and rinse which is equally at home in hard or soft water areas.

Why choose Ultra Chlor HF

  • Broad-spectrum and fast-acting. 

  • 2% available Chlorine as packed.

  • Effective against gram positive and negative organisms. 

  • Removes and controls protein scale formation. 

  • Does not contain perfume and is safe for use in food preparation areas.

Available pack sizes

Buckets: 5 kg / 25 kg
Bags: 25 kg