Shure Soft 70

Quick drying >70% (v/v) alcohol-based hand disinfectant

Shure Soft 70 is a >70% (v/v) alcohol based powerful hand disinfectant that rapidly evaporates away to leave hands dry and sanitised without the use of a towel or air dryer. 

It contains moisturisers to keep hands soft and prevents drying and cracking of hands.

Why choose Shure Soft 70

  • Broad Spectrum. 

  • Fast Acting. 

  • Fast Drying. 

  • Contains Emollients. 

  • Soft on Skin. 

  • Leaves No residual.

Available pack sizes

Sachets: 400 sachets per box
Box: 24 x 250 ml Disc Tops
Poly Cans: 5 Litre / 25 Litre