Remove HF

General purpose cleaner and food grade degreaser

Remove HF is a foaming, alkaline liquid cleaner that is used specifically for protein food soils, blood and greases found in meat, poultry and food processing plants. 

Remove HF is recommended for use in all pig and poultry housing operations. Its free rinsing foam agents speed final removal, leaving surfaces clear and film free. 

Remove HF is a multi-purpose cleaner that has a variety of uses: 

  • Food processing, kitchen areas, ovens and stoves. Walls, floors, tarmacs, doors, tarpaulins, and motor seat covers. 

  • Baths, toilets, basins, windows mirrors. 

  • Garages, industrial vehicles, equipment and workshops. Can be used for the cleaning of tarmac surfaces, trucks, trains, etc. 

  • Remove HF easily removes many types of soiling including food residues, body fat, grease, oil and light carbon deposits.

Why choose Remove HF

  • Safe to use on all metal and painted surfaces. 

  • Can be used hot or cold. 

  • Equally effective in hard or soft water. 

  • Rinses easily with no streaking or smearing.

Available pack sizes

Poly Cans: 5 Litre / 25 Litre
Poly Drums: 210 Litre
IBC Bulk Bins: 1000 Litre