Motor Mist Sprayer Cold Fogger, OR-DP3

The motor mist sprayer offers reliable performance with simple operation and is ideal for new disinfection
sterilization. Product design and technological advantage:


  • Corrosion-resistant engineered plastic body

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, portable and easy to use

  • High work efficiency: 500ml per minute flow rate

  • Strong penetration power: the fine mist generated and osmotic force maximizes the kill rate

Driven by a high speed rotating motor (18.000rpm), the OR-DP3 produces high-speed airflow, which generates
negative pressure in the nozzle to draw out the disinfectant. The disinfectant is then atomized, propelled by the
high-speed airflow. Suitable for a wide range of applications; the machine can be used for sanitation, disinfection,
killing mosquitoes and flies in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other public places. The OR-DP3 is also suitable
for epidemic prevention in chicken farms, sheep farms, cattle farms and piggeries etc.


  • The disinfectant should be kept at normal
    temperature and should not exceed 40°C

  • The use of flammable, explosive or highly
    corrosive liquid medicine is forbidden

  • Not to be used with highly viscous liquids

  • Not to be used with powder or fluids with
    suspended solids.