Ideal for the use in the Food Industry. Lubricates seals, trolleys, rollers, chains, components inserted in pumping systems, and other mechanical parts associated with processes of production or packaging of agri-food.

Active ingredients:

  • Mineral oil with high purity

  • Food Grade thickeners

  • Micronized PTFE

  • EP additives


  • ZEP 45 FOODGREASE is NSF H1 registered, this makes the product suitable for use in situations where there is a chance of incidental food contact

  • Has excellent lubricating properties on all types of machinery and equiupment. Prevents wear and blocking of parts

  • EP additives make the product suitable also for use under the most extreme mechanical circumstances

  • Micronized PTFE is added to ZEP 45 FOODGREASE, ensuring longer action of the products on all parts where it is applied

  • Can be used at a temperature range from -30 degress Celcius to + 160 degrees Celcius

  • Repels water and protects surfaces against corrosion. Highly resistant to water washout