Ideal for the Food Industry, for maintenance of equipment and machienery, for assembly/disassembly. Lubricates and unlocks locks, hinges, trucks, rollers, chains, bolts and nuts, also when rusty. Also useable on components inserted in moving systems or other mechanical parts related to processes of manufacture and packaging of agro-food.

Active Ingredients

  • Food Grade mineral oils

  • Micronizes PTFE

  • Additives


  • Penetrates quickly and reaches the blocked parts, where the mixture of oils and PTFE work their strong unlocking action

  • The oils contained in ZEP 45 FOOD give the product excellent lubricating properties on all types of components and also prevent corrosion

  • Contains micronized PTFE which extends the service life of the product wherever it is applied

  • NSF H1 registered, which makes it suitable for all processes where there is a possibility of incidental food contact

  • Odourless and colourless, this product leaves no traces. Does not contain halogenated solvents

  • ZEP 45 FOOD does not contain any tyoe of silicone compound