TM SMART GEL visualizes the level of hygiene. It is a 2-component quick-test for surfaces, based on the patented and industry recognized persulphate technologies. Within seconds TM SMART GEL reacts with ALL TYPES of contamination of organics (food residues such as proteins, fats, sugars, flav orings, phenolic compounds, oxalates, and microorganisms); whereas most quick-tests are limited to the specific detection of glucose, lactose, or ATP proteins of microorganisms.


  • Economical for large scale application

  • Supports preliminary work for HACCP and IFS audits

  • Validates cleaning process and makes it easy to be corrected - without loss of time

  • No training or special equipment for using TM SMART GEL necessary

  • ALL food groups detectable (conventional protein rapid tests depend on high protein concentrations e.g. in meat, glucose rapid tests only respond to glucose and lactose).