NSF K1 and K3 registrations make this product ideal for applications in the Food Industry. It effectively dissolves greasy and oile residues as often found in the food industry.

Active ingredients:

  • Fast evaporating aliphatic hydrocarbons

  • Alcohol

  • Carbon dioxide  as propellant


  • High purity components make the product suitable for use in the Food Industry. The product is NSF K1 and K3 registered

  • Effectively and afely removes oil, grease, resins, silicone, glu residues and other contaminants

  • CLEANSOLV HE comes in a practical ready-to-use spray can. Simply spray the product on the surface and wipe clean with a cloth

  • After application, CLEANSOLV HE quickly evaporates without leaving any traces on the surface

  • Does not damage metal surfaces and does not alter their appearance